Inspire Your Art Program

Inspire Your Heart with Art

January 31st  •

Inspire your heart with art is a day to ponder how art can affect everyone. Art is valued and appreciated for all sorts of reasons. The broad spectrum of art created in the world, can move us to tears and cause us to burst out into joyous laughter.  Whether it’s music, a poem or a painting, all art has the power to change us, and to inspire us.

Carolyn Caniglia Seniors Who PaintTM  program enlightens and inspires seniors for instruction and guidance to create their own masterpieces.  Each painting is transformed into a personalized notecard, which family and friends can purchase. Have your center or retirement community give Seniors a memorable experience to remember.

My name is Angie Pellien, one of the greatest joys of participating in the programs offered at Platte Senior Center is found in the delightful class called “Painting with Carolyn.” Carolyn, herself a gifted artist, is motivated to share her gift to create a happy event each session.  Her encouragement fills our hearts as we learn to paint, draw and share our lives with each other

Angie Pellien

We learn new skills and build relationships with our new “artistic family.”

My name is Carolyn Allen, I live at Primrose Community for Seniors in Kansas City, Missouri, I am eighty-six years old. The strong point of living here at Primrose Retirement is to be able to still be independent.  Enjoy new friends and have activities to enjoy.  My favorite activity is when Carolyn comes with all paints-canvas – brushes for one and a half hours for our fun art class. She shows us with a free hand and brushes.  We paint what she shows us for our Special Day! Carolyn tells us if you draw a straight line and a circle it’s art and anyone can paint for your enjoyment.

Carolyn Allen

My name is Diane Bennett, “Why I enjoy Carolyn’s Painting Class” If you want an artistic experience that is full of fun and laughs. Come to Carolyn’s painting class! The supplies are plentiful, and the knowledge gained form the instructor is immeasurable.  A person can capture their “inner child” with painting or drawings and take a part of their day to create something all their own.  It’s a fun experience that allows a person to set aside some moment for something creative, and share ideas and have a few laughs. Our art is turned into a greeting card with our name on the back of the card.  Her idea Is so innovative!  Her art class is a win-win class to me.  I have been attending her classes for several years and enjoyed every single one.

Diane Bennett

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