How the Treasures of Your Times gets started!


  1. TLC Greetings takes photos of the residents’ memorable treasures.

  2. All parties own their rights to their treasures on greeting cards.

  3. Another option is a .jpeg image can be emailed to TLC Greetings for a greeting card to be produced.

  4. The image is designed into a greeting card.

  5. Inserted on the back of each card is the history of the treasure.

  6. An order form is customized for each resident’s treasures for handouts. Example is enclosed.

  7. There are no start-up fees.





This unique program is dedicated to inspiring people
to pass on their treasures through greeting cards.
On having some of their treasures passed on to family
and friends gives their life story memories.
TLC Greetings, Inc. “Treasures of Your Times”
can make those memories a gift to the next generation.

Treasures of  Your Time Order Form!